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Wa blaster whatsapp marketing
A Software Who Can Blow Up Your Sales and make it easy for you Customer Relationship Management (CRM) via WhatsApp .

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Do You Know This Fact?

  • WhatsApp users in the world have reached 1.3 billion.
  • The message reaches 55 billion every day.
  • 4.5 billion messages in the form of photos.
  • and 1 billion are videos. (Source: Digital Trends)

What does it mean for your business?

Potential Consumer is Very Large With so many users of whatsapp, it allows you to find potential customers very easily

Promotion Almost Free WhatsApp is a free platform, so promotion with almost no cost compared to promotion via SMS

High Open Rate when compared to email

Message entering on messenger applications like WhatsApp will almost certainly be read when compared to email

WhatsApp for Business
Now whatsapp has been developing into a business platform, moreover WhatsApp will be integrated with Facebook and Instagram

Platform Support is More Complete
Support of platform whatsapp is not only for mobile devices, but also web and desktop. That is, it will make it easier for the user.

The problem is that it requires a long time to :

  • Send messages to active WhatsApp users
  • FOLLOW UP incoming chat
    and many other WhatsApp marketing techniques are still waste time
  • Isn’t it too valuable for your time and energy if you are wasted on technical matters like that?

All in One WhatsaApp Marketing Software WA Blaster Pro Version 7

How will the WA Blaster Pro help you?

You can add unlimited whatsapp number sender as many as you want.

You can send unlimited messages to unlimited whatsapp number as many as you want.

You can connect whatsapp on your mobile with the WA Blaster Pro as easily as scanning a QR code, then your whatsapp marketing activity can be fully automated with the WA Blaster Pro.

Desktop based windows applications with simple designs and very short usage procedures that can be run by novice users. Also equipped with written guidelines, tutorial videos and group support.

Sending bulk messages automatically directly or using the method of forwarding to the target contact whether or not already stored in your contacts with the random delay option.

The method of sending private auto message messages, so that the message is guaranteed to arrive even if the recipient does not save your contact.

Make it easy to target custom data that can directly import from your database in the form of a csv file (Excel).

Content messages can be text or multi-content images + text in one shipment.

Allows you to reply to whatsapp chat directly through the WA Blaster Pro application other than via whatsapp on your cellphone.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the WA Blaster Pro?

WA Blaster Pro is a Windows desktop-based application that automates whatsapp web to simplify the marketing process using WhatsApp

What can be done by WA Blaster Pro?
There are in the features section above

Is it safe for the WhatsApp number that we use?

Yes, but to avoid the risk of being banned, we recommend not using important / personal numbers, we can only minimize banned from WhatsApp using certain methods . Normal usage will create a secure account.

What is needed to run WA Blaster Pro?
WA Blaster Pro requires a PC / Laptop Windows (support windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 , if you are a Macbook user, you can install additional software such as virtual boxes, parallel desktops, etc.), internet connections, and devices that have whatsapp accounts.

Can it be done by a newbie / beginner?
WA Blaster Pro is very user friendly and simple procedure. We have also completed with a written user guide and a complete video tutorial step by step in the member area, and our support team will help you if you still have difficulties.

What do you get after buying a WA Blaster Pro?
After the purchase is verified, you will get access to the member area, which includes downloadable software, guides, tutorials, license key, etc. Software is not sent on CD / DVD to buyers.

What is a WA Blaster Pro license?
WA Blaster Pro License is 1 license only for 1 Laptop / PC for 2 years. Why 2 years? Because software need to be update to work properly.

Can WA Blaster Pro be run on a mobile device?
NO, WA Blaster Pro only runs on PC / Laptop.

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ATTENTION: All risks and legal consequences of misuse of this tool are the responsibility of non-vendor users.

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